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Scaled Agile Framework for Remote work

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Scaled Agile Framework for Remote work

I was reading about agile workspaces and I came across this statement:

Agile development is designed and optimized for collocated teams. (“The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation”). To this end, enterprises often spend significant time and energy establishing collocation.

I have held in office positions, remote positions, and a mixture of both. In my experience, I've seen remote work do much better than face-to-face and vice versa. I think the success of remote work depends on the culture and how willing people are to embrace tech to simulate that face-to-face experience. If people want an in-office position, let them work in the office, but if people want to work remote, let them work remote. Use tech to communicate. I've lead teams, both remote, in-office, and a mixture of both, where I have used tech to simulate face-to-face a environment, which has worked great.

This would reduce traffic congestion, thus reducing carbon footprint, and allow hands-on people like nurses, surgeons, police officers, firefighters, etc. to get to work with reduced traffic. Also, this allows the employee a better work-life balance, ultimately enabling them to produce a higher quality output. Companies reduce their overhead. This is a win-win for both sides.

What do you all think about driving the software industry toward a more remote friendly environment? What's your opinion on remote work vs face-to-face? I've heard all the pros and cons for each, but why not let those that want remote to be remote and those who want an office can work the office, given one's available?

Various articles on pros and cons here, but you can make both work. Isn't that what humans do? Innovate?

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